DISTED - a truly end to end software environment for distance education

Our goal is to offer a full technological environment for companies, institutions and professionals involved in the domain of education. The future of learning is at a crossroad these days; we'll cringe on old methods or we'll make the leap forward.

Our products

We offer both real time proctoring and post-examination review on student recording. The face recognition, eye gazing and sound analysis are combined in a powerful anti-cheating algorithm.

We offer the solution to deploy a fully working video conference system on the client private server, in order to close the discussion about who, when and what for has access on the data.

​Rich in functionalities and easy to use: course editor, class manager, live meetings. Of course, fully integrated with DISTED examination and video conferencing solutions.

Features & Highlights

Automated student authentication

Based on face recognition students ID cards are matched with the actual persons taking the exam

Real time face recognition

During the exam our algorithms are checking if the examinated person didn't switch places with somebody else, or if there are any other individuals in the area captured by the webcam

Eye movement tracking

The eyeball movement is recorded and compared relatively with the orientation of the display.

Sound analysis

The ambient sound is analysed in order to detect other voices and to identify the keyboard sound (keystroke sound is matched with the input from the examination page in order to identify malicious use of TeamViewer or equivalent software).

Examination recording

For each examined student there will be a media file for proofing purposes that contains the webcam recording, the screen capture recording and the results of our anti-cheating algorithm.

Web page interaction analysis

We're collecting and interpreting all the relevant data about the behavior of the user in relation with the examination page (mouse position in the page, inactivity time, full screen mode time etc).

Dedicated video conferencing servers

The spike registered in the last months in the use of video conferencing software surfaced the issue of data security.

Optimized for student-teacher interaction

DISTED video conference system emulates the preconditions from a real classroom on a web based platform: the teacher is the focal point.